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Pressure Washing Services.

On-call or Scheduled On-Site Pressure Washing Service.

A1 Pressure Washing mobile power washing for fleets, buildings, residential properties, car lots, underground parking to name a few.
A1 Pressure Washing provides truck washing for fleet maintenance.

At A1 Pressure Cleaning, we pride ourselves on being a RELIABLE mobile pressure washing service that CONSISTENTLY performs a quality job. Our cleaning process uses hot water power washers, biodegradable soaps, and brushes. This process will remove road film, greasy finger prints, exhaust soot, certain graffiti, dust and dirt.


Our most common wash request is that of fleet maintenance. This includes the cleaning of all painted surfaces, bumpers, wheels, rims, exterior frame, landing gear, air deflector, windows, mirrors, gas tanks, and grills. We also provide mobile wash services for residences, RVs, business exteriors (awnings, siding), car lots, parking lots and covered garages.


Do to the nature of our industry we perform our service at hours that go beyond the typical 8 to 5 business day. Waiting until fleets are dormant, we typically service our truck clients on weekends and evening, business and covered structure clients prefer late evening appointments when traffic to the area has subsided, and residential clients prefer early morning appointments. Whatever your need, we will schedule your maintenance around times that suit you best.